Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond, is the shortest of “the Grand Tour” trio and is often referred to as the Hamster. If you’re a fan of Top Gear you’ll remember that Hammond is often the butt of Clarkson’s jokes. Clarkson never misses an opportunity to tease Hammond about his appearance. Not only does Clarkson tease Hammond about his short stature but Clarkson also teases Hammond about his blindingly bright white teeth, his shaggy hairstyle and his irrational fears of harmless creatures such as insects.

However, Hammond’s short statue may have very well saved his life. If you’re a Top Gear fan, you may remember that Hammond had a near fatal brush with death when he crashed a jet powered Vampire dragster, whilst filming an episode of Top Gear back in 2006. Whilst Hammond, incurred serious brain damage as a result of crashing at 288 mph, experts claim that Hammond was lucky as if he was any taller his head may have been decapitated. As it was, Hammond’s helmet dragged along the ground as his dragster tumbled out of control.

Whist initial media reports, put forward the idea that Hammond may never be able to step behind the wheel of a car again, Hammond recovered quickly and soon resumed his Top Gear hosting duties.

What does Hammond get up to when he’s not filming car related hijinks with Clarkson and May? Hammond is a keen motorcycle enthusiast and owns a variety of motorcycles including his pride and joy a vintage 1927 Sunbeam, which he likes to driveĀ around on in the weekends. Hammond also plays the bass guitar and has played on stage from time to time, in order to raise money for his favorite charities.

Hammond is also a fully qualified pilot and has been spotted flying his private helicopter from his private family residence, into London. Speaking of his private residence, Hammond is literally the king of his castle. Hammond’s multi-million dollar castle estate is located on lush farmland and boasts a variety of animals from peacocks to horses, the latter of which his family rides on family outings. Hammond is definitely a family man and always sports a wooden necklace, which features the names of his wife and kids.

Despite Clarkson accusing Hammond of undergoing Botox and paying for expensive teeth whitening treatments, Hammond has denied both accusations attributing his Hollywood smile to giving up smoking. Don’t worry though, if you tune into “the Grand Tour” on Amazon Prime, expect to see the teasing banter between Hammond and Clarkson, live on!